Transonic flows: Reports and Publications

Transsonic Flow Review, Göttingen Symposium Transsonicum Book

Sobieczky, H., (Editor): Symposium Transsonicum IV. Proceedings IUTAM Symposium 2002, Kluwer Academic Publishers (2003)

Contents and Symposium Review

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Shock Structure, Mathematical Models

Sobieczky, H.: Analytical Models for Shocks in Compressible Flow. Proc. ICTAM04, Warsaw (2004)

Theoretical Transonics, Axisymmetric Flow, Hodograph Transformation

Sobieczky, H.: Transonic Singularities. Comp. Fluid Dynamics J. Vol 12 No 1 (2003)

Aerodynamic Optimization, Oblique Flying Wing (OFW)

Sobieczky, H., Li, P., Seebass, A. R.: Transonic Methods for the Oblique Flying Wing SST. Proc. Symposium Transsonicum IV, Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp 325-330 (2003)

Fictitious Gas Design, Shock-free Flows

Sobieczky, H.: From Gasdynamic Models to High Speed Design - A Learning Process. A contribution in memory of working with Richard Seebass (Invited Lecture). AIAA 02-3200 (2002)

Genetic Algorithm, Optimization, Pareto Front

Klein, M., Sobieczky, H.: Sensitivity of aerodynamic optimization to parameterized target functions . In: M. Tanaka, G.S. Dulikravich, (Eds.), Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics, Proc. Int. Symp. on Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics (ISIP2001), Nagano, Japan (2001); see also M. Klein's Dissertation, (2000)

CFD Test Case Examples, Guderley Airfoil, Detached Shock Wave

Trenker, M., Sobieczky, H.: Using the Gasdynamic Knowledge Base for Aerodynamic Design and Optimization in the Transonic Regime . In: M. Tanaka, G.S. Dulikravich, (Eds.), Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics, Proc. Int. Symp. on Inverse Problems in Engineering Mechanics (ISIP2001), Nagano, Japan (2001)

Adaptive Airfoil, Helicopter Rotor Application

Geissler, W., Sobieczky, H., Trenker, M.: New Rotor Airfoil Design Procedure for Unsteady Flow Control . 26th European Rotorcraft Forum, Den Haag. 26-28. Sept. (2000)

Adaptive Airfoil Design, Dynamic Stall

Trenker, M., Geissler, W., Sobieczky, H.: Airfoils with Dynamic Transonic Flow Control. AIAA 00-4419 (2000)


Adaptive Airfoils, Helicopter Rotor Blade Design

Sobieczky, H., Geissler, W.: Active Flow Control Based on Transonic Design Concepts (Invited). AIAA 99-3127 (1999)

Wing Section Optimization, Flow Control

Sobieczky, H., Geissler, W., Hannemann, M.: Expansion Shoulder Bump for Viscous/Wave Drag Control. In: G. E. A. Meier (Ed.) Proc. IUTAM "FLOWCON" Symposium on Mechanics of Passive and Active Flow Control. Kluwer (1998)

Transonic Hodograph Theory, Convergent Conical Flow

Sobieczky, H.: On Conical Flow (Invited). 2nd AIAA Theoretical Fluid Mechanics Conference, AIAA 98-2594 (1998)

DLR-F9 Experiment, Circulation Control, High Wing - Body Integration

Zores, R., Sobieczky, H.: Using Flow Control Devices in Small Wind Tunnels, AIAA-97-1920 (1997)

Fictitious Gas Navier Stokes CFD, Helicopter Rotor Blade Design

Sobieczky, H., Geissler, W., Hannemann, M.: Numerical Tools for Unsteady Viscous Flow Control. Proc. 15th Int. Conf. on Num. Meth. in Fluid Dynamics. Lecture Notes in Physics, ed. P. Kutler, J. Flores, J.-J. Chattot, Springer (Berlin-Heidelberg), (1997)

Flow Phenomena, Mathematical Models, Gasdynamic Flow Control

Sobieczky, H.: Theoretical Knowledge Base for Accelerated Transonic Design (Invited). 1st AIAA Theoretical Fluid Mechanics Conference, AIAA 96-2115 (1996)

Fictitious Gas Euler CFD, Shock-Free Flow Design

Li, P., Sobieczky, H.: Computation of Fictitious Gas Flows with Euler Equations. Acta Mechanica (Suppl.) 4, pp.251-257 (1994)

DLR-F5 Experiment, Navier Stokes CFD, Free Transition Flow

Sobieczky, H.: DLR-F5: Test Wing for CFD and Applied Aerodynamics. Case B-5 in: Test Cases for CFD Evaluation, AGARD FDP AR 303, (1994)

Experiment in Transonic Wind Tunnel

NEW, (2014): Surface CAD data for CFD simulation


Inverse Method of Characteristics, Potential Flow, Euler Equations

Sobieczky, H., Qian, Y., J.: Extended Mapping and Characteristics Techniques for Inverse Aerodynamic Design, ICIDES III Conv. (1991)

Transsonische Strömung, Superkritische Profile, Tragflügel, Turbomaschinengitter

Sobieczky, H.: Verfahren für die Entwurfsaerodynamik moderner Transportflugzeuge , DFVLR-FB 85-05 (1985)

Hodograph Transformation, Rheoelectric Analogy, Rheograph, Shock-Free Flows, Fictitious Gas Concept, Adaptive Airfoil

Sobieczky, H.: Related Analytical, Analog and Numerical Methods in Transonic Airfoil Design, AIAA 79-1556 (1979)